Battery assembly

Exact positioning, in every position and at any angle

Operator guidance by a laser projector

In the use case of battery modules, worker guidance can be easily provided via laser visualization, instead of on-screen display.

Screwing of battery models in every position

In order to reach the required screwing positions more ergonomically, large-area products such as battery modules have to be swiveled to a certain angle to be worked on. Yet regardless of the angle of the workpiece or its position, the LPS from Sarissa can supply the corresponding coordinates for every tool position. Whether on the production line with multiple variants of assemblies or in the re-working stations, the Sarissa assistance and position-detection system ensures the prevention of assembly mistakes caused by human error.

Exact positioning at any angle

The tool is locked into or released from a controlled position, or it receives different parameter sets. The Sarissa sensor technology is characterized by its ability to reliably determine the position of adjacent screws with an accuracy of just a few millimeters, even if the transmitter is turned away from the receiver by up to 70 degrees. Under certain conditions, it is even permissible to turn 90 degrees away from the receiver. The LPS is already being used by numerous major automobile manufacturers in battery assembly.

  • Further information about the battery assembly with Sarissa can be found in the flyer below:

  • The Sarissa system is used in various applications.