Sarissa Hand Module

Error-Free Picking and Handling Processes

Sarissa Sensor Hand Wrap

During manual operations in assembly, as well as during packing and order picking, the positions of the worker's hands are tracked in 3-D space, thus achieving a zero-error rate.

For small-scale picking positions, the Sarissa Sensor Hand Wrap is used, which can differentiate hand positions to an accuracy of 50 mm. For two-handed operations, the sensor identifies the right and left hands independently. The intelligent sensor, with a weight of only 21 grams, is easily attached with a clip on the hand wrap.

  • Hand sensor for manual operations
  • Recharging by use of USB-C (2 hours)
  • Sensor weight of only 21 grams
  • Run time between charging: >9 hours
  • Clip closure easily attaches the sensor to the wrap
  • Accuracy: 50 mm

The Sarissa Sensor Hand Wrap is a joint product of Sarissa and glove manufacturer Seiz, based in Metzingen, Germany.

Sarissa Wrist Sensor

The worker hand-position detection technology is also available as a sensor on the worker's wrist.

  • Sensor with a weight of 27 grams
  • Time between charging >12 hours
  • The Sarissa worker assistance system and position-determining system is also available as the Sarissa Tool Module for millimeter-accurate position monitoring of tools.