Position recognition PositionBox

3D Coordinates for Any Application

xyz position data for pre-existing worker guidance

If the work station already has on-screen guidance for the worker, then the Sarissa PositionBox can be used. The Sarissa PositionBox acts as an intelligent sensor that communicates with the customer's existing worker guidance system, sending the spatial coordinates – and thus the location of tools or the hands of the worker – to a higher-level controller (PLC).

  • Interfaces PROFINET, EtherCAT or TCP/IP connection
  • Communication with the PC or PLC with a real-time data protocol
  • Evaluation and representation of the spatial coordinates takes place in the customer system

PositionBox Interfaces

The Sarissa PositionBox has numerous standard interfaces that make data exchange and integration in existing production facilities easy. The interfaces are characterized by their ease of installation, understandable commands and maximum flexibility. The cyclic process image makes it possible for PLC programmers and system integrators to obtain the position data of the position recognition system with the utmost reliability, and to incorporate that data into the workflow. For communication in high-level language (C#) XML or web services can be used as an alternative.

CMS Service with REST Interface

Using the standard web technology "REST interface," the Sarissa system provides pure position data in a simple way. Sarissa's technology works like an intelligent sensor, sending position data from the sensor on the worker’s tool, for example, to ensure all tool positions are reached in a particular order. The Sarissa receiver simply transfers position data to the customer applications via the REST interface. Any number of participants can be added to the network.

  • The worker assistance system and position-determining system is also available as QualityAssist with worker guidance.