Sarissa Tool Module

Error-Free Control of Tool Processes

Adapted to the specific task of monitoring and controlling the exact position of a tool moving freely in space, the Local Positioning System makes a significant contribution to 100% manufacturing quality assurance that is not possible by any other means with such a high degree of flexibility. No matter what the tool looks like – whether it’s a screwdriver, a glue or grease dispenser, a welding gun, a punching tool, a rivet tool or torque wrench – errors due to incorrect positioning, incorrect sequence of steps, too short or too long a dwell time at one position: all these errors can be reliably prevented using the assistance system with its unique tool module.

Suitable for any Tool

The ultrasonic transmitter can be mounted on almost any tool and tool type of any manufacturer. Numerous mechanical and software interfaces facilitate integration into existing systems.

Interface between Sarissa LPS and Tools

For integration into a tool controller, the highly- developed electronics and driver software are directly available to tool manufacturers.

Numerous interfaces, both mechanically and in the software, simplify integration into existing systems. Our transmitters have already been integrated into screwdriving tools from various manufacturers, and they can be easily used with the tool systems from any manufacturer (subject to technical changes).

  • Open-Protocol Interface
  • Modbus-TCP for digital inputs and outputs

Smart Wireless Triplet

The wireless version of the tool transmitter reduces the installation work and enables comfortable, independent operation.

  • Suitable for a wide variety of tools
  • Regardless of the tool manufacturer
  • Millimeter accurate position detection of the tool tip as it moves in space
  • Smart design (weight: 34 grams)
  • Compact quick-release holder suitable for nearly any tool
  • Running time of up to 12 hours
  • Easy charging via USB-C cable (2 hours)
  • Mounting clip for easy attachment to the tool
  • Supply voltage 5 Volt / 30 mA
  • The worker assistance system and position-determining system is also available as Sarissa Hands Module for millimeter-accurate position monitoring of hands.