Assistance system QualityAssist

Worker assistance system with worker guidance

Active employee guidance together with real-time work instructions

The Sarissa QualityAssist assistance system combines the processing of position data with an integrated worker guidance system. Using the intuitive user interface, work instructions can be displayed in real time from basic information created by the user's production control team.

An intuitive, modern user interface and user guidance with wizard assistance functions:

  • Easy input and clear visualization of positions and complex work instructions
  • Parameterize instead of programming
  • Extensive software functions including jumps, branches and timers
  • Test functions for transmitters and digital inputs and outputs
  • Visual work instructions can be supported with audio instructions
  • Connects to CAQ and ERP systems
  • Documentation logs in PDF or CSV
  • The worker assistance system and position-determining system is also available as PositionBox without worker guidance.