Local Positioning System

How It Works

Position Determination

The Sarissa Local Positioning System, or LPS, determines coordinates in 3-D space with millimeter accuracy, thereby providing flawless quality assurance in the workplace.

Common applications of the Sarissa LPS include the positive positioning of tools and/or hands during work processes including assembly, picking, and packaging. Adapted to a specific task, such as the position of a hand tool moving freely in space or of the moving hands of a worker, all movements and positions are monitored and recorded in real-time. The Sarissa LPS makes a significant contribution to assuring manufacturing quality, which, with this degree of flexibility, is not possible by any other means. The LPS lets you reach your goals: zero defects, zero errors, the highest quality standards, and the elimination of any confusion during complex work processes. The Sarissa LPS combines advanced ultrasound technology, user-friendly software, and a powerful open-interface architecture. Whether used as a flexible assistance system with operator guidance or merely to provide exact 3-D coordinates for automation technology, the Sarissa LPS is totally unique.

Principle of Operation

Das LPS besteht aus einer oder mehreren Empfangseinheiten und Sendern, die am Werkzeug integriert sind oder an der Hand des Werkers befestigt werden. Die Sender, sogenannte Transmitter, senden im Abstand von Millisekunden für den Menschen lautlose und physiologisch unbedenkliche Ultraschallsignale aus. Die Unbedenklichkeit wurde durch das Institut für Arbeitsschutz der Deutschen Gesetzlichen Unfallversicherung bestätigt.

Die Raumkoordinaten des Transmitters werden durch den Positionsempfänger in Verbindung mit der Software in Echtzeit durch komplexe mathematische Algorithmen identifiziert und lokalisiert. Das System arbeitet auf Ultraschallbasis – ganz ohne zusätzliche Längen- und Winkelmesssysteme.

The precision repeatability indicates the accuracy with which a certain position can be hit repeatedly. If the transmitter and receiver are two meters apart, the precision is 0.21 millimeters at an angle of 0 °. With an inclination of 40° between the transmitter and receiver, a precision of 0.33 millimeters can be achieved.

Accuracy and Precision

The accuracy and precision of the Sarissa LPS is unparalleled in the marketplace: the Sarissa LPS is exact to the millimeter. Under ideal conditions, the accuracy and precision of the system is a fraction of a millimeter.
The absolute accuracy of locating a transmitter under straight-line-facing conditions is 0.55 mm, with a distance of two meters between the transmitter and the receiver.
If the transmitter and receiver are at an angle of 40° and facing away from each other in both horizontal and vertical axes, the localization accuracy of the system falls to 0.96 mm – still less than one mm!

Product news - Update 2021

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Product news - Update 2021

  • The worker assistance system and position-determining system has a lot of applications in assembly, packing and order picking.