Laser Visualization

Visualization of worker guidance with laser projections

Connection of the Sarissa LPS with Laser Visualization

Where previously a monitor screen was needed for displaying worker guidance, now a laser is used to project the work steps directly onto the work surface, visualizing the next position to be addressed as each step is completed by the worker. Visualization of worker guidance is achieved with
colored laser projections instead of pick-to-light, projected images, or on-screen displays.

Advantages for assembly users

  • Sharp projections on the work surface, independent of ambient room light
  • Workers’ eyes remain on the workpiece at all times
  • Reduction of throughput time
  • Simple operator guidance
  • Color laser projection for visualization:
    • Green: Correct tightening result and correct gripping
    • Red: Incorrect screw connection or other mistake
  • Long range
  • One system can be used for several applications (picking & assembly)

Simple Configuration and Installation

  • Thanks to the Sarissa interface to the laser system, screwdriving and gripping positions to be visualized are easily programmed in using the position pointer
  • Since no images or graphics need to be created, a significant amount of time is saved in comparison with solutions requiring a screen
  • The configuration is very simple; the Sarissa system and the laser projector from LAP use a shared coordinate system
  • Integration time of the overall system is strongly reduced, as complex visualization by PLC software is now unnecessary
  • No effort required through additional PLC software
  • Programming and maintenance of only one system means less work, lower costs

Connectivity options via PROFINET – EtherCAT

  • The PROFINET and EtherCAT interfaces considerably simplify communication between the Sarissa system and the PLC.
  • The PLC controls the laser projector directly via the PROFINET interface by means of simple commands in
    the GSDML file.
  • The PLC knows the next production step in the workflow and sends the corresponding command to the Sarissa position detection system. The Sarissa system provides visualization on the workpiece via the laser projector, and at the same time monitors whether the employee is following the instructions.
  • Further information about the laser visualization with Sarissa can be found in the flyer below:

  • The Sarissa Local Positioning System is No. 1 in position determination in the field of battery assembly and electric mobility.