Operational Areas

Typical Applications for the Local Positioning System

Several Processes at the Same Time

At the same work place, several processes can take place at the same time.

On the right the worker, wearing a wrist transmitter, removes specific parts from the Kanban shelf. At the same time, the Sarissa system is monitoring and recording the correct sequence and torque of each individual screw connection performed by the worker on the left via interface with the tightening tool.

Large Working Areas

The range between transmitter and receiver is approximately 4 meters, resulting in a working space diameter of 8 meters per receiver. As soon as the transmitter leaves the reception area of one receiver, it enters the reception area of another receiver. With a cluster of several receivers, even the most demanding applications can be implemented, e.g. when there is limited visual connection between the transmitter and the receiving unit or when the working area is very large. All receivers within the cluster use a single common coordinate system.


Compared to worker guidance systems using pick-by-light installations, the innovative QualityAssist assistance system is substantially more cost-effective, especially when six or more action points or positions are needed. Installation and overhead wiring is minimal. In addition, work instructions can be easily created and updated by in-house staff. The QualityAssist system offers much greater flexibility for current and future projects.


The worker is guided through the mounting sequence of the Class-A screwing operation on the suspension strut. In addition, the torques and other data of the screwing process are paired to the corresponding position data and time stamps are completely logged.


The system checks whether all necessary plastic protective caps on a dishwasher basket have been applied. The QualityAssist and the PositionBox can be used with almost any tool.

The assistance system offers very comprehensive reporting functions for quality management.

Motion Tracking

The QualityAssist System is a perfect solution for tracking and monitoring hand movements. For example, during the application of primers, the application of adhesives or cleaning operations.

  • The Sarissa Local Positioning System is also available with laser visualization.

Sarissa PositionBox | User reference BSH Hausgeräte

Sarissa PositionBox | Einsatzreferenz BSH Hausgeräte

Sarissa PositionBox | Einsatzreferenz BSH Hausgeräte