Sarissa at Building the Future 2019 in Aachen

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The forum “Building the Future” has taken place in Aachen from 16-17th October 2019. CEO Volker Jauch, Sarissa GmbH, presented the assistance and position-determining system Local Positioning System as an exhibitor.

On this occasion, Volker Jauch presented the new products of Sarissa GmbH. Sarissa The Sensor Hand Wrap which can differentiate hand positions to an accuracy of 50 mm and the new smart wireless triplet appealed to the visitors due to their smart design.

Volker Jauch had lots of interesting sales discussions despite at the moment difficult circumstances in the automotive industry and at automotive suppliers. Especially the conjuction with the laser visualization instead of the visualization on the screen arouse the visitor’s interest. Where previously a screen was needed to indicate the work steps, the laser now simply points to the next position to be addressed.

The event has focussed on the themes digitalization and networking which require a new and integrated thinking. The interdisciplinary connected platform for top-class knowledge from research and practice was again very well attended.

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Building the Future Sarissa