10 years of precise position determination with Sarissa

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It has now been ten years since Sarissa GmbH was founded by managing director Volker Jauch. The company entered the market as a start-up and presented its Local Positioning System (LPS) for use in detecting the position of workers' hands in the manual workplace. The system was quickly expanded to include the ability to precisely locate the tip of hand-held tools.

The developers at Sarissa GmbH have continuously improved the LPS over the years in terms of accuracy, user-friendliness and individual applicability. For example, applications in flow production and on moving workpieces can now be easily safeguarded with the LPS.

Our LPS is particularly suitable for quality assurance, as position detection is possible in any position and at any angle. Thanks to these developments, the system is now in use worldwide in nearly 800 applications, some with customer-specific features.

In the last ten years, the LPS has developed into a powerful quality assurance system, used extensively by the automotive industry and their suppliers as well as in general industry. Over the last few years Sarissa has been gradually gaining a foothold in the field of aerospace technology. There, the LPS is used to monitor the position of screwdriving technology and electrical drilling systems with millimeter precision in the production of both aircraft and satellites.

Managing director and owner Volker Jauch is proud of his company: “Our numerous satisfied customers confirm to us that our LPS has become an indispensable part of process and quality assurance. Our employees are constantly developing more innovative technology, with high motivation to meet the requirements of our customers. I am confident that together we will continue to meet the challenges of our time in the future. "

CEO Volker Jauch
CEO Volker Jauch