Intelligent sensor wrap with improved fit identifies and localizes hand positions

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Sarissa GmbH, in collaboration with hand protection specialists Seiz, is offering a hand wrap for industry which uses intelligent sensor technology to precisely identify the position of employees' hands. The sensor wrap is now even more comfortable to wear thanks to its improved fit. With millimeter precision, the employee's hands can be identified and localized by the Sarissa Local Positioning System (LPS). In this way, the LPS reliably ensures the quality of handwork processes. Equipped with this technology, hand protectors and wraps become smart assistants that provide support for increasingly complex activities in modern production, while preventing errors in the process.

Technology that thinks for itself and supports industrial workers in their daily work: Sarissa GmbH has been offering this in cooperation with glove manufacturer Seiz since 2019. Thanks to the new, improved fit the wrap is now even more comfortable to wear; it fits perfectly at the palm of the hand. Because the wrap sits only on the palm, the wrist is free for the worker to move their hand unhindered. The black wrap is flexible, offers high wearing comfort and is available in various sizes.

The Sarissa assistance and position detection systems are used as quality assurance systems for zero-defect production with the aid of ultrasound-based location determination in space. The LPS can be used as an assistance system, or as a pure 3D coordinate supplier for automation technology. A hand wrap from Seiz was upgraded to a smart sensor glove using Sarissa technology. How does it work? The intelligent sensor technology, weighing just 21 grams, is easily attached to the back of the hand wrap with just one click of the fastening clip. Ultrasound signals, which are noiseless and physiologically harmless to humans, are then transmitted at millisecond intervals. A receiver unit above the workstation locates the signals. It’s simple: the wrap with the sensor system continuously detects the employee's hand position with millimeter precision. This level of accuracy is particularly advantageous in confined work areas in production and assembly.

Sensors that think for themselves

The next gripping position is displayed on a screen. Feedback is also visualized there, for example, if the employee has reached for the wrong workpiece. As an alternative to visualization on the screen, a laser can also be used to indicate the next gripping position. The transmitter's functional life is up to nine hours, which is why it can be used for an entire shift without additional recharging. In two-handed operations, the sensor reliably distinguishes between the employee's right and left hands. In addition to detecting the position of the worker's hands, the Sarissa system can also be used to detect tool positions with millimeter precision. The employee is thus optimally supported and relieved during the value-creation process. While the worker carries out each task, the sensor system thinks along with the worker. In work areas where work gloves are worn anyway, the sensor wrap can simply be fastened over the work glove.

Error-free manual work processes

The assistance system thus functions like electronic work instructions that ensure compliance: First, the correct work steps are taught in the correct sequence. Then the quality-relevant hand movements of the employee are observed, guided without contact and corrected if necessary. By providing targeted information, the LPS ensures manual work processes are error-free. Since the assistance and position recognition system is used directly in the value-creation process, it actively prevents errors before they occur. Typical areas of application range from the automotive industry and its suppliers to the aerospace industry and general industry. Customer complaints are reduced, assembly costs are lowered, and final inspection can be eliminated. Further, the LPS is a safeguard against product liability as your production line reaches a zero defect rate.

Sarissa sensor wrap
Sarissa sensor wrap with improved fit
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The Sarissa sensor wrap is now even more comfortable